“The body without movement is like standing water, which is moldy, spoiled and rotten".

Massage is a very nice and useful procedure, and therefore from time to time it is advised to take:  for adults and children, for athletes and for people providing a passive lifestyle.

Happy hours

We offer Happy Hour discount to all guests of the "5 Elements SPA" salon. From Monday to Thursday from 10:00-14:00 hours, we offer 10% discount on any type of our massages, facial or body treatments of our menu!

It would seem that now almost everyone knows what a massage. However, the fact is that most people see only the tip of the iceberg - the little bit of information on the effects of massage on the body is that massage works mechanically. This is understandable - masseur rubs, kneads, squeezes, stretches, shrinks and moves various tissues of the body, among other things, promotes increased circulation of lymph, blood and interstitial fluid and removal of dead skin cells. Mechanical action at massage eliminates congestion in the body, increases metabolism and skin breath. But this is not the only one benefit of the impact.

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An important part of the massage is usually known only to experts - its reflex and humeral effects. First, massage has effects on the central and autonomic nervous system. During the massage there is stimulation of the receptors of the skin, muscles, tendons, joint capsules, ligaments, and the vessel walls. Then pulses caused by this stimulus are transmitted to the central nervous system and reach the relevant sections of the cerebral cortex. There's a generic complex reaction that causes functional changes in the body. Any irritation of the nerve receptors is transformed into a signal that the nerve waves, as on the "wire", runs to the central nervous system and from there to other "wire" is brought to the working body and converted into a specific process of cells of the body.

Thus, with the help of massage, you can control various organs. Conducting a particular technique, massage therapist is a very specific and predictable response of the patient. And with the right result will be a beneficial impact.

This linkage is seen in the East for thousands of years. Through trials and failures by centuries, the Chinese and Thai healers have studied these patterns. Over time, there was a clear system of linkage between the body and the acupuncture points, reflex zones on the human skin.

With the help of massage, we are going to use our "inner pharmacy". Massage helps us to cope with health problems using our body's own reserves without drugs. The massage is a powerful tool in the hands of a specialist. It is good for influence the patient's condition, but the results of this impact depends entirely on who is the owner of this tool. Do not trust your body and health in the hands of an amateur, it is not safe. Any massage, even the easiest and seemingly harmless, can have both positive and negative effects. Only in the hands of good professionals who have a good school and have a lot of practice you can feel good and calm and every massage replenish energy and health.

In the heart of Budapest, close to the Western Railway Station, you can find “5 Elements SPA”. We are proud of our professional therapists from Thailand and Bali island, who were trained for big variety of massage techniques and medical education in the best Training Centers and developed their skills further in the world’s best SPA clinics and 5-Star SPA resorts.

Entering “5 Elements SPA” and "5 Elements Day Spa" you receive warm atmosphere and hospitality. In our oriental-styled Spas you can be enchanted by relaxing SPA music, eastern flavors, flickering candles and tea ceremony. The amazing beauty and health rituals carry you away from the city into Paradise where everything is for you. The comfortable atmosphere in each room, the complete isolation from the outside world and the sensitive hands of professional masseurs help you to forget about your everyday problems.  After the massage, when you taste a cup of green tea, you can feel how the vital energy and pleasant emotions flow through your body.

Everyone knows that the original is always better than a copy, and if you decide to get acquainted with Eastern culture, traditional healing, it is the best to return to the original roots. In "5 Elements Spa" salons employ highly qualified therapists from the Kingdom of Thailand, India, Bali and Java islands.